When I signed up for a photography workshop in New York City last year, I was incredibly excited. My husband and son were happy to come along with me, and even my mom said yes to the trip. I never really wondered if it would be difficult to navigate a large, new city with a small child. We just went for it.


And I’m so glad we did!


It ended up raining the day of the workshop, so it was cancelled, but we were already in the city when it happened and had booked a few days stay. I was a little disappointed to miss the mentoring aspect of the trip, but there was so much to do and see in the city! We went to the lego store! We went to Times Square! My husband and I even had the chance to go on a date and see a Broadway show, and we all enjoyed the Museum of Natural History.



B loved having breakfast at the hotel and looking around at all of the buildings. He loved the cab rides, too! He was 4 at the time. When I spoke to some other parents they asked if I felt uncomfortable at all bringing my young child to a big city. In all honesty, not at all! We talk about safety rules no matter where we go and keep a close eye. City or a mountain, it’s important for children to understand a few safety limits, like not darting off into the street or to the edge of a rock ledge.


We only stayed a few short days, and look forward to visiting again. We are aware of more museums we want to visit now, as well as a few other stops. That vegan delivery had us feeling pretty spoiled, too! If you’ve felt uncomfortable with the idea of traveling to NYC with a young child, I hope that you consider giving it a chance!

-Sarah, a Wandermom

PS: Love NYC? What should we see next time we go?


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