What does a Wandermom and her family do between travel, to help soothe the urge to move about? In order to not get annoyed with the day-to-day, I like to plan day trips nearby to get out into nature or check out an area we haven’t before.


We’re lucky to live in a beautiful state and area, so planning these days isn’t very hard. We try our best to align outings when we can between responsibilities, commitments, and work.


Being out in nature gives us all a big dose of self care and replenishment. It gives me the sense of wonder that I seek, and relaxes me. Our son loves to walk, hike, and climb too, so these day outings are perfect for him.


If you need ideas on what to look for to get outside and have some new experiences, give these a try:

  • Look up popular, outdoor tourist spots for your state. Sometimes we get so used to living somewhere, that we completely miss that something amazing nearby exists. In my case, I had no idea how many beautiful waterfalls we could walk to that were a short drive away from home!


  • Search for a local family hiking club, group, or gathering in your area. If you’re not used to walks or hikes with your kids, or you just want to meet some like minded people, these group walks/ hikes can be a great option!


  • Make a list of places to visit on weekends, or over the summer, and check them off this year!


Have fun, be safe, and enjoy!

-Sarah, a Wandermom


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