Too often I find that many people, myself included, fall into a habit of listing all the reasons why we can’t. Why we can’t have our dream job. Why we can’t make it to the gym. Why we can’t eat well. Why we can’t travel.

Personally, I thought that I would need tens of thousands of dollars to visit some of the places on my dream list, and we planned to take our son abroad for the first time years from now. This limiting belief left me feeling like these dreams were so far away, and I didn’t dare look into the destinations because I assumed I couldn’t afford them.

One day, an ad for WOWair came up on Facebook. I thought, why not, and looked at their website. I couldn’t believe the affordability of the airline tickets to Iceland! From there, I went to AirB&B after hearing about it from other traveling families. Again, I was stunned to see affordable cabins in beautiful locations.

So, I called my parents to see if they wanted to come along (dad said yes) and we booked our trip. That’s it! A few months later we traveled there and had an amazing time.


What I learned is to shift my belief to a more positive one. I can afford to travel, I just needed the right resources in order to do so! And that pesky fear of flying? I couldn’t let it overrule my urge to see the world, so I found resources for that as well. Every limiting belief I had that said I couldn’t travel yet faded away.

-take action-

My challenge to you is to write down every single reason why you can’t travel. Is it money? Time? Fear? Write them all down. Now, I want you to make another list of resources that will cancel out that list. Need more money? Find ways to save, a cheaper airline, a beautiful AirB&B, and maybe find another way to passively make income for your trip. Do you feel limited by time? Start small and plan a long weekend away! Find ways to cancel out those limiting beliefs, and start planning your next (maybe first?) trip!

I know you can do it.

-Sarah, a Wandermom


2 thoughts on “Why you CAN travel

  1. I had all the same stuff going through my head when we decided to the West Coast. It was always someday, when we can afford it, etc. I got tired of putting everything off and not living life. My husband and I decided to shift our thinking on how to raise our family. Instead of paying for things, we chose to pay for experiences. Our christmas and birthday fund went into plane tickets and a rental car. We stayed with friends and visited family, drove up and down the NW coast and took in every ounce of scenery that we could. Many people didn’t understand the choice, but that doesn’t matter. We had such an amzimg time, my kids dont really even miss birthday parties or piles of gifts under the tree because they know something way better that wont fit under the tree, is coming.

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    1. Samantha, that’s so wonderful to hear! I’m glad you were able to overcome the things holding you back, and to experience that! My son keeps talking about Canada- so we’re looking into driving up sometime soon! And I hear you, sometimes we make choices- but the experiences are much more memorable!


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