By day 7 we were exhausted. We had done so much! Waterfalls, geysers, the lagoon, the beach, the ridge, the auroras- the list goes on! We wanted to do more, but we didn’t want to drive far or be out late. It was our last full day in Iceland.

We settled on climbing Miðfell, a nearby hill. And by nearby, I mean we could see it from our window and passed by it each day.

The view was beautiful! My husband and father climbed to the top, while I stayed about mid way up with B. The higher one went, the steeper it got. I’m sure B would have been fine, but I felt a little nervous about it. I trust my intuition when traveling, and feel safety has to come first. We still had some pretty spectacular views!







After we climbed down and ate lunch, my father and I took B down to Þingvallavatn, the lake we had been looking at all week from the cabin windows. It was a relaxing trip, with amazing views (again) and a soft breeze.






Our time in Iceland was amazing. It was honestly hard to leave! A week wasn’t nearly long enough to see all we wanted to see, but we crossed a lot off of our list! We are discussing a future summer trip back, to drive ring road and take our time.

Until the next adventure!

-Sarah, a Wandermom

PS: Any questions about family travel in Iceland? Leave a comment below!


4 thoughts on “Iceland – Family Travel – Day 7

  1. Sarah I’m in love with your images! Clean, stunning and creative – they moved Iceland way up on my list of travel spots. Thank you for the introduction to your blog and I can’t wait to see what’s next!

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