We needed to do laundry, and our cabin didn’t come with that option. We could have made it the last three days without, but we may not have smelled as nicely as we wanted. Ladies who live with boys, you know. My dad read about a place called the Laundromat Cafe in Reykjavik, and we decided to give it a try.

When we first walked in, I saw nothing but a cafe. I wondered if their branding was historical for a moment, and looked around with a bit of confusion. My husband and father matched my expression, until we saw a sign pointing downstairs.

Let me tell you how cool this place was.

  1. There’s a full-on cafe upstairs.
  2. Downstairs has a laundry area with an attached KIDS PLAY AREA! It was filled with toys and reading nooks.
  3. The downstairs area had tables, and they brought down our lattes while we watched B play.

I wish they had something that amazing at home!

After the cafe, we walked around the city and got lunch, then went to the Settlers Exhibit, which showcased a real viking long hall foundation, and loads of interactive displays. B is usually hit or miss with museums, but he absolutely loved this one. We went around twice reading all about the settlers and their homes.


Now, for the lesson learned. 

B brought his own money to Iceland for souvenirs, which he had been saving. We told him he could buy whatever was in his budget. Of course, he wanted the viking style (wooden) sword and shield. It was adorable, and he was so happy to pay for it on his own!

When we left the museum, he was happily swinging it around the air and making joyous woosh noises. I smiled as I watched him, then realized something unsettling.


There was no way it was fitting in our carry-on only arrangement. 

Note to self, measure before we say yes, or pre-purchase a checked bag for souvenirs!

-Sarah, a Wandermom



I thought I had found a solution by fitting it all in the gift bag and taping it in, which fit the carry on size requirements. It turns out, however, that a wooden toy sword is not allowed on a plane with carry-on, at all. My poor husband had to go back from security and check JUST the sword (as the gift bag had been ripped open). Parents- plan ahead for these sorts of things. That was an expensive sword by the end of our travels!

But, that’s how we learn, right? Next time, we’ll roll up a large duffle bag to check with souvenirs (or maybe laundry).


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