Glaciers are another popular stop in Iceland. My dad had been talking about going, but was back and forth about booking the tour. Mainly, because my son was too young to attend and someone would have to stay at the cabin with him. I told them to have a fun guys day, and I would gladly run around the yard with B, watch movies, and play games. They were lucky to book two last minute spots on the tour, and off they went! My husband brought the go-pro along and filmed their adventure. I’ll post that at the bottom!

B and I played cards! We painted! We ran around the yard!




And it had only been two hours. I was out of ideas for the moment, so I popped in a movie and melted into the couch while we watched it together.

By the time the boys got back to the cabin, we were itching to get out. We all had dinner together, then we drove up the road to see more of the Mid Atlantic Ridge that we had passed by. I talked to B about what it was on the way, and he told me what he already knew!

A special note for families with young children with this stop. Absolutely go to see it, but keep a firm eye on the littles. Some of the areas have holes and deep caverns, and sharp rocks. We held B’s hand tightly the entire time we got close, and my husband was close when I had B sit down for a photograph. Use caution, but it’s worth looking!




Any day in Iceland is a beautiful day. I’m glad the two guys had some time together, and I was happy to spend some 1:1 time with B.

-Sarah, a Wandermom

PS: As promised, their video:


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