The excitement leading up to our trip was abundant. It was our son’s first time on an airplane, and his first time going to another country. My husband and I hadn’t left the US since 2010, when we honeymooned in Ireland. My father came with us, too. The only trip he had taken out of country was to Canada, and for work at that. The anticipation grew as our trip got closer and closer. It was finally time, and we were off from Boston!

The plane ride wasn’t so bad. I say that as someone who loves to travel but is generally very anxious and afraid of flying. It’s an interesting mix, yes? This time around I had a little helper from my doctor, which helped take the edge off so I could relax. B, my son, was over the moon excited to be on a plane, and his face lit up with joy as we took off. We thought since it was an overnight flight that we would all sleep, but we were mistaken. Even our five-year-old only got about an hour.

In the early morning, we arrived at Keflavik. The sky was filled with fog and mist, and it was raining off and on. Once we were settled with some coffee and our car rental, we decided to drive into Reykjavik for breakfast. The meal was delicious, and gave us the little boost we needed to walk around the city a bit and find things to do between breakfast and our afternoon check-in with our AirB&B.


We stopped at the Sun Voyager and admired its craftsmanship. B ran around it with a large smile on his face and we talked about the Vikings who inspired this sculpture. I had seen it on photographs, but to see it in person was beautiful. Next was Hallgrímskirkja, the beautifully built church in Reykjavik. We walked around and enjoyed the view before heading back to the car.





We all sat together in the car for a few minutes, discussing our options for the few hours we had left to spare. It was decided that we would drive north and just look around at the scenery for a while, then come back to Reykjavik to grocery shop. B fell asleep in the carseat within minutes, while the adults enjoyed the views.

I may or may not have squealed at the sight of the Icelandic ponies. I didn’t realize at the time that they were plentiful in the country, but I was excited to see them for the first time! My husband agreed to stay in the car with our sleeping boy while I grabbed my camera and ran towards the horses.




And boy, were they photogenic!

The rest of the day was pretty relaxed, as needed. We shopped for groceries and found our cabin in Þingvellir. It was in such a beautiful location, with views of mountains and the nearby lake, Þingvallavatn. It didn’t take long for us to settle on the couch and go through our amazing first day together.

It was a pretty great first day.

-Sarah, a Wandermom

PS: Some of these photographs can be purchased as prints HERE.


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